Indices Prices

XPOFX has a real-time economic calendar plugged in for all of our clients. Our real-time calendar is easily accessible to all our clients. It is super easy to use and can be customized as per specifications of the client. We keep our customers posted about announcements and events in the real-time calendar. We notify every single thing that can be important for traders. Our real-time economic calendar updates with any announcement, event and indicator from all across the globe. The data provided in our economic calendar is accurate and up to date and is collected from a wide range of authentic sources.

XPOFX keeps a keen eye on the local and international markets. We vow to keep our customers updated about the market highs and lows, trends and events that took over the market. We analyze each event and market news one by one and provide and deep insight and review on it. We discuss the effect each of these events leave on the market for a long-term. For our customers, we calculate the impact of each of these events on market and financial instruments in the future.

We believe that an extensive market study is what makes a trade successful. This way we guide our customers in the right direction. A detailed market overview gives them an idea of who the market will move in the coming months. Our market overview consists of historical data, graphs, events that shake the market and their long term effects on it.

Market has a certain way of moving forward. There are highs and there are lows. Every broker, consultant and marketing specialist has their own opinion and say on the market. These can differ from each other. Most of the traders end up trading for speculative reasons. It is tough to get an edge in the Forex industry. A trader must always keep an eye on the turning points and trends. Therefore, to help our customers we provide them with the best set of market indicators that can alert traders to extreme conditions.

At XPOFX, our sentiment indicators show the proportion or numbers of how many other traders have taken a position in a particular currency pair. This way sentiment indicators become very useful to our customers when traders in one position in a currency pair reach an extreme level.

At XPOFX, we provide you with real-time and up to date forex rates. We provide you currency rates from open market. We also provide rates from international forex market to keep our clients posted about the rates. Our data is real-time and collected from authentic sources. We also provide historic forex rates and trends for analysis. Our currency rates are spread over a vast range of currencies from all over the world. We deal and update our clients with a wide range of currencies. Our rates are well updated and maintained. XPOFX is your best source to keep yourself updated with forex industry and currency rates.

We measure stock indices for different sections of the market. Our data is calculated as per the international standards and is real-time. We calculate stock indices from selected stocks. This way we help our customers in understanding the market better. With stock indices, the market becomes more elaborative. We help our clients in calculating return on specific investments. With XPOFX, trade with world’s major stock indices with ease. We provide trade on stock indices with low margins. Our tools let you research on market trends, stay updated with the news, do study and analysis. We provide real and on-time data of indices that you want to trade.

Trading CFDs can be complex. Instead of trading a CFD on your own, you want to take services from a professional Forex broker. XPOFX provides you the best services in trading CFDs. We help you in trading stock CFDs in world’s leading markets. With our online tools, live and updated prices of stock CFDs are just a click away. You can access our online accounts to trade, manage and view stock CFDs. With XPOFX, trade in world’s largest listed corporates. We keep a keen eye on stock CFD prices from New Your stock exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and a lot more.

With XPOFX, trade stock CFDs with a 20:1 leverage. With our updated software and always available team, trading stock indices is a matter of only few minutes. We have partnered with one of the most renowned names of the forex industry in order to provide our customers the best possible trading solutions for stock CFDs.

Gold is one of the most sustainable investments. It has the least risk factor. However, the rates are always experiencing ups and downs. XPOFX provides live gold quotes that are easily accessible to all our customers. Our gold quotes are up to date and available in all currencies. We also keep an eye on market of Gold and other precious metals. We provide deep analysis on market trends and profits in gold. Our graphical data makes it easy for our customers to understand and elaborate the market trends and rates easily.

Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone. Please consider our Risk Disclosure.

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